Lori Beulah Lori Beulah - Program Director
    330-744-2161 ext. 121
    Lori oversees all aspects of the YouthBuild Mahoning County. She is responsible for establishing and maintaining the grant and program budget. Lori also reports to the Youngstown Metropolitan Housing
    Authority Board of Commissioners and the YouthBuild Mahoning
    County Advisory Board.
    Rick King Richard King - Construction Trainer
    330-744-2161 ext. 245
    Rich is responsible for classroom and construction instruction. Rich is also the contact person for local vendors and apprenticeship programs that would like to donate supplies and/or labor to the program. He identifies private contractors or developers who are willing to work with YouthBuild students and develops those partnerships.
    Anthony Jackson Anthonie Jackson - Leadership Coordinator
    330-744-2161 ext. 244
    Anthonie is responsible for facilitating a 4 week orientation process called, Mental Toughness. Mental Toughness is an intense training that is designed to get new YouthBuild recruits ready for the nine month program. Anthonie also teaches leadership development which addresses such topics as: Work Readiness, Budgeting & Financial Literacy, Cultural Awareness, and others. 
    Michael Ondrey Mike Ondrey - Assistant Construction Trainer
    330-744-2161 ext. 245
    Mike provides classroom instruction as well as supervision to YouthBuild students on the construction site. Mike also trains students on how to operate various power tools.
    Sheyra Sheyra Vazquez - Graduate Resources Coordinator
    330-744-2161 ext. 120
    Sheyra is primarily responsible for support services for YouthBuild graduates. She assists students with placement into post-secondary education and/or employment. She also provides post graduate trainings and retreats to ensure students continue working toward their goals and leading healthy positive lives. 
    Irene Skoufis Irene Skoufis - G.E.D. Instructor Youngstown City School ABLE Program
    330-744-2161 ext. 229 
    Irene is the lead GED instructor in language arts, reading and writing. She implements GED curriculum in those subjects that will enable the students to successfully pass the GED exam.
    Jim Skoufis Jim Skoufis - Math & Science Skills Instructor 
    Jim implements the GED curriculum for Science and Math and assists students in passing the GED exam.
    Carol Clinkscale Carol Clinkscale - G.E.D. Assistant Youngstown City School ABLE Program
    330-744-2161 ext. 229 
    Carol assists the GED instructors in implementing the curriculum. Carol also administers placement tests and provides individual tutoring.
    Kimberly Omoregie Kimberly Omoregie - Case Manager
    330-744-2161 ext. 237
    Kimberly is responsible for identification and referral of community resources to aid students with childcare, emergency food assistance, counseling, legal services, housing, etc. Kimberly also implements Individual Development Plans with each student in which she assist them in establishing and maintaining short term goals.

    All of the YouthBuild Mahoning County staff work together as a team to ensure the success of the individual students throughout the nine-month program and beyond.
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